Color Contact

The traditional contact lenses are worn to correct a vision problem, enhance one’s appearance and to lessen the duration people wear eyeglasses. However, one of the advancements in eye wear is the color contact, which is a medical device that is used to correct impaired vision as well as to change the color of the eyes.

There are four main types of color contact lenses that offer a variety of benefits and options.

•Enhancement tints are transparent lens that change the color of the eyes slightly. They improve the natural eye color, giving it a darker look and they are often worn by people with lighter colored eyes.

•Visibility tints are lightly tinted usually in green or blue without altering the eye color. An advantage of visibility tints is that they can be easily found if they fall to the ground.

•Color tints change the eye color and look and they are opaque and dark. Often used with dark colored eyes, the center of the lens are clear and these tints come in a wide range of colors.

•Light-filtering tints are used to highlight some colors, while ignoring or muting others. These contact lenses are worn mostly by athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Another type of color contact lenses is the theatrical or costume contacts, which are designed for special occasions such as Halloween and to create spectacular effects. These lenses change the color of the eyes as well as the appearance.

Color contact lenses are convenient, fashionable and they usually enhance a person’s looks. However, they may sometimes slide over the pupils during blinking and as the eyes adjust to different types of lighting, but this is easily corrected. To get the best out of your color contact lenses, caring and maintaining them on a regular basis is highly recommended.